On this website you will find natural and herbal items for people, pets and to use around the home.

If there is something you would like but cannot find, please contact us as it is likely that we'll be able to get the product made for you if we don't already stock or make it.

Bespoke items (powders, tonics and pills) can be made for many ailments and conditions so please do let us know if you need something made.

All products with the Shanzi Naturals logo are made in the UK, are vegan friendly, contain no SLS, parabens or other nasties and contain herbs, seeds, plants, roots, (organic whenever possible), natural colourings and fragrances.

Any questions at all, please contact us. We are happy to help whenever we can.

Shanzi Naturals and Shanzi Dogs UK together.

Shanzi Naturals products are to be used to support or ease symptoms and are not sold for medicinal purposes

Some products are made by Shanzi Naturals, some are bought in part made and other products are made for us to sell to our customers.

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